System Pricing

Year 1

Launch offer €25 (Price applies to next 1000 customers)

This initial cost includes your Registermy deterrent stickers, Securetag with additional RFID code, Microchip and subscription to the database for 1 year.

Renewal – year 2 onwards

Renewal retail price €25 p/a.

This annual cost is your renewal premium for continued registration on the database. Free replacement deterrent stickers, Securetag and
Microchip are automatically dispatched to you upon year 5 renewal.

€25 Doesn’t Get You Much

< 2 Packs of Cigarettes

4 Gallons of Petrol

1 Coffee per month

Or Does It?

You could protect your Outboard, Bicycle, Boat, Quad, Trailer or any other valuable with a Registermy security system.

Protect It

Protect Your Valuables With