Frequently Asked Questions

How is a theft deterrent?

Most thefts are carried out by professional criminals. Even the latest alarms, immobilisers, tracking systems, chains and locks do not always deter criminals although the more measures you take – the less likely an attempt will be made to steal. It’s therefore essential that your property and possessions are protected and registered with a Registermy security system. Criminals know it’s virtually impossible to defeat the multi-layered, forensic approach and if they do, getting caught with digitally secured systems will almost certainly lead to prosecution. It’s too risky.

How do authorities identify stolen goods that are secured by

The hardware is tuned to the same frequency as the scanners deployed to the Gardaí. Along with Garda knowledge of where to scan, this leads to a swift identification process and even swifter return to the rightful owner.

Is my personal and property information safe?

Yes. use a state of the art, specifically tailored CRM system to store your details.

What should I expect to receive in my pack?

Your pack will include the following: A Welcome letter, your tri-tier hardware, install instructions, link to install videos.

Once installed, what I do next?

Please email with your name, location of hardware and a picture of your identification plate and list any unique features.

If stolen what do I do?

Contact the guards to report the crime and inform them your asset is registered with Also email: we will update the database to record as stolen and circulate news of the theft on all of our platforms.

Once recovered and returned to me, what should I do?

Email with ‘recovered’ as the subject. We will adjust the database accordingly and send you new hardware, with our compliments.

How do I renew my registration?

Your policy is on auto-renew unless you advise us otherwise by emailing

What should I do if I sell my asset?

Contact us at – to advice the asset is no longer yours. The registration is transferable to the new owner, providing, the new owner emails us with their details. The free transfer offering means there is value added to your asset when selling. We’d all like to buy a car that has insurance included in the price.

Is there a warranty on my Registermy security system?

Yes. 5 years warranty with free replacement hardware upon year 5 renewal.

Can I register more than one asset?

Yes, under the current promotion, all systems are effectively half price. Please repeat the process and simply change the ‘property for protection’. Your fifth order will be free.

Is a system trackable?

No, and here’s why; a GPS device with it’s own battery supply is quite large, certainly too large to ‘hide’ on relatively small possessions such as outboards, bikes, trailers, etc… This device would be easily identified by a thief and simply discarded and therefore useless.

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