About Registermy.ie

Founded by Managing Directors Pauric Martin & David Good, Registermy.ie is a revolutionary service designed to protect people’s valuables from Theft.

As an avid fisherman and victim of outboard motor theft, Pauric wanted to ensure that other law-abiding citizens of Ireland could be protected against such acts. In collaboration with business partner, David Good – Registermy.ie was incorporated in 2020.

Registermy adopt a encrypted, forensic, multi-layered approach to protection. Using 5-tier Anti-theft, tracking and recovery hardware & software, our systems reduce the risk of theft, increase chances of recovery and ensure return to the rightful owner.

What We Do

The authorities have a good strike rate on recovery, but often have no way of identifying the rightful owner for return. Registermy provides this recourse and your piece of mind.

For a fraction of the cost of your insurance excess, you can now guard against theft of your Outboard Motors, Bicycles, Trailers, Quads, Equine Tack or any other valuable.

An Garda Síochána have full access to registermy.ie database which enables them to recover and return property to its rightful owner.

Ultimately, the only way theft will stop is if there is not a black market to trade in. By protecting your valuables, you are contributing towards the demise of a platform for thieves to profit. No supply. No demand.

Protect Your Valuables With RegisterMy.ie